Exploring the top 7 twitter metrics you should be tracking

News 04:04 April 2024:

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Twitter attracts about 300-350 million active users per single month. With an ever-increasing figure of about 3 billion active accounts, Twitter becomes a social media of interest no wonder many brands are looking for ways to tap into this potential availed by Twitter for their brands’ promotion.


Twitter’s growing popularity makes it an ideal ground for businesses to increase their online presence. However, this is easier said than done. Many companies find it difficult getting a substantial turn around for their tweets.


Having knowledge on how to track the right twitter metrics can help you make informed decisions about the directions to take in driving your marketing campaigns.


Here are the metrics that you should start with;


The average performance of your tweets


Evaluating the average performance of your tweets can help you keep track of your social media success. Though, it can be challenging because social media is very volatile. You can be a very popular brand today, attracting lots of engagement and tomorrow lose the attention of the viewers.


However, averaging your twitter performance over time may give you a trend that you can base your argument on. For instance, you can evaluate your monthly engagement rate in terms of the number of shares, retweets, likes, favorites as well as the following.


This will help you note a drastic change in the trends and take necessary precautions, especially if the trends show fluctuations. In the event of introducing a new product to the market, this evaluation can help you determine its performance.

To check your average tweets performance is easy. Just go to your tweets page and drop down to your Twitter analytics dashboard.


The type of audience that your tweets attract


To conduct a successful campaign on Twitter, you need to know the type of audience that your brand attracts. Research on your followers; gender, the kind of lifestyle that they lead, their geographical location, and their interests in terms of hobbies. This demographic information will go a long way in helping you design content that your followers can relate to.


Besides understanding your twitter fans, you need to incorporate other marketing methods such as buying Twitter followers. Remember that Twitter marketing is all about the numbers. If you don’t have a following no matter how well your tweets are structured, the engagement rate will be low. When you buy Twitter followers, your account’s visibility increases, many people will view your content, hence getting a better chance of increasing an organic following.



The type of engagement that your tweets attract


Evaluating the type of actions that your posts inspire may give you a deeper insight into the quality of engagement that your tweets attract. Increase in the number of likes means that your followers appreciate what you are posting while a retweet means that your followers really value your input to the point of taking their time to share your content with their followers.


Though, none of the engagements that your tweets attract is less important, understanding the rate at which you inspire any of them may help you understand your audience better and know how to keep them coming back for more from you. The breakdown of this information is available and you can access it by going to the analytics dashboard of your twitter account. View tweets activity by clicking on the tweets tab in the navigation bar.


However, as stated earlier, investing in attracting followers is important as much as maintaining a good visibility on twitter is concerned. Buying twitter followers will safeguard your visibility status on twitter.


The performance of your content


Every time you post content in your twitter account, you attract different forms of engagement. Each post will have a different engagement rate. By checking your followers analytic data as well as stats, you can see the posts attracting the most engagement. And of much importance don’t forget to check the type of engagement.


Performing a deep analysis on the performance of your posts will guide you in driving your marketing campaign the right way. The analysis will show you whether your content is addressing the right things, to the right audience and at the right time.


This deep evaluation will enable you to determine which posts get the most quality responses. You can then apply the insight gained in tailoring your future posts to inspire a long lasting relationship with your followers.


The performance of your hashtags


Being one of the most innovative twitter creations, hashtags have become a mandatory social media component such that you can’t sideline them when planning your social media campaign. While it may be routine for you to alternate some branded hashtags that attract more attention to your brand. Evaluating which hashtags attract more customer response is important.


You can then use the insight gained to capitalize on those popular tags to inspire high engagement. Combining this strategy with buying Twitter followers will give you a blend of a killer campaign strategy.


The rate of video completion


People are naturally drawn to visual impressions due to their appealing nature. This can be verified by the growing popularity of video content in social Media such as Twitter, Instagram Facebook, and YouTube. If you are already into video campaign strategy on Twitter then you are on the right track as far as venturing into different forms of campaign strategy is concerned.


Your Twitter analytics will inform you the count of the video views. However, you should concentrate more on the video completion rate analysis. This will enlighten on the number of viewers who stuck until the end of the video.


Comparing statistics between complete views with the overall views will help you analyze whether the videos you are posting are having the impact that you intended. Small video completion count over overall views means your content wasn’t good enough to hold the attention of the viewers until the end of the video.


You can also compare the video metric against other metrics such as retweets, followers, shares, and likes to observe which form of engagement your audience is appreciating more.

You can access this information by going to your Twitter analytics dashboard on the more tab. You will see video completion rate in percentage displayed in the videos section.


Return on investment


Finally, after running a full impact campaign that includes investment in the form of time and money spent in marketing strategies such as buying Twitter followers, you will need to see the returns on your investment in the form of new leads, new customers, and fast conversions.


However, since some of the investment done such as buying Twitter followers can’t be analyzed by your twitter analytics section, you can conduct a simple mathematics by comparing the amount of traffic you were getting before buying Twitter followers and incorporating the other marketing strategy with the current customer traffic.


If your organic impressions have improved, then you have every reason to buy more Twitter followers and advance on with the aggressive marketing campaign.


While there is no set perfect guideline to the perfect twitter campaign, understanding your Twitter metrics will give you an edge in driving a campaign that will give you the intended results within a short timeline. It can be disappointing having invested your time and money in marketing strategies such as buying Twitter followers and not get the intended results. When it comes to social media marketing, knowledge beat it all. Apply these metrics and revolutionize your engagements rate.